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Alaska Cruise

What an awesome vacation I had, 7 day Alaskan cruise.  Sailed from Seattle, Wash, saw Juneau, Hubbard Glacier, Sitka, Kitchican, Victoria, BC. All beautiful places. When the glacier is calving, the sound is one I will never forget, like the sound of thunder. The ship was amazing, so much to do and eat!…Lots of good entertainment and the crew was wonderful. I sured liked being pampered the whole week thats for sure.

Hubbard Glacier


The Meeting

I met my slave boy…he is very much a pleaser, so wanting to learn and experience more of my world. He is as well very pleasing on my eyes. All went well with the meeting, but since he has been not so responsive, not answering texts, or returning phone calls…hmmm?..I did not get the feeling from this one that he was a flake, but then one never knows. He seemed so perfect, maybe that was the problem, he seemed more to me than he was perhaps???..I guess some time will tell the story, so hard to find that one true slave, so very hard, (sigh).


Meeting my slave

Well the day is finally nearing when I shall meet my slave, in which he will then be under my consideration, which means he must prove to me of his loyalty, his willingness to serve and his odedience to my wishes….don’t laugh, this is very serious to those of us who live this lifestyle….it’s not about “kinky” sex act ‘s, it’s about 2 people connecting in a way that goes beyond sex…..they connect spiritually, emoti0nally……sex can be part of the connection as well…..there are well written sites on the internet that if one wants to learn about this beautiful lifestyle they can learn the right way, learn the truths, not through the “kinky videos” that are all over the internet….they are just what they are,  entertainment….I have listed a website that might be of interest: submissive loving….I will wrtie about the meeting so all will know if it was good or???…lol….be well my little darlings….


Another Day

Just another day…a very long day…12 hr work day to be exact….I surely need a way to let out all my frustrations of this day, lol….but not on a slave, that would not be right to ever take out any frustrations on another person, wether a lifetsyle or “vanilla” situation….I so need to have a slave beside me, serve me, take care of my needs…oh there is one slave that intriques me, he has seemed to be obedient, loyal thus far…we have not met yet, we have e-mailed, texted and talked on phone…he is suppose to visit soon….looking forward to that meeting very much, want to see if he is what he portrays to be…..and oh yes my vacation is coming upon me very soon as well….July 17th…an Alaskian cruise for 7 days, looking forward to alot of relaxation and site seeing and of course the night life on the ship…..well my little darlings, I am off to bed, has been an exhausting day…..stay safe….please do come back…..


Hello and welcome

Thanks for stopping by…I bet your curious about me….why wouldn’ you be….I am from a world not known to alot of people, or not crossed into by so many, many who have thoughts as I do, but never cross the line…I am just like you, in alot of ways…I do work, I have grown children…..divorced, like most….I am just very open about my “kinky” side…lol…I love to restrain a willing soul, flog them, spank them (mmmm), just the thought makes me high,  high on endorphins….(no drug use here), just high on the moment of the feeling of having a willing soul submit to my power of control…..have your interest yet????….I hope so, I hope to keep you interested enough to return many times to tag along on my journey’s, read my words and get excited!!!!!!!…be well my little darlings……

The Past

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